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36 to 48 months

From the age of 3 to 4, children are constantly questioning. They build theories and hypothesis of the world around them, and express their own ideas and thoughts to others. Understanding their surroundings and having a sense of belonging becomes more significant to the children. They start to create with the intention to obtain a final product. Children are also very selective when it comes to choosing a certain material or tool for a specific purpose. As their fine motor skills are developing, tracing plays an important role at this age.

They are offered possibilities to trace over light tables, over images projected on classroom walls, with wire, clay, and string, among many other materials.  The written language becomes interesting as another way to communicate, and letters become more meaningful to them as they want to recognize, write, and spell their names as well as their classmates’. To support this emerging interest there is an area in the classroom that offers the children mailboxes to exchange letters, drawings, and gifts…

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