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At this age children become more engaged when planning, discussing and analyzing theories, different points of views and observations. Children frequently confront problems by reasoning in autonomous ways.

The importance of learning and supporting each other becomes more powerful as they listen, respect and value the reciprocity of knowledge.
Children become more aware of developing different strategies to express their ideas in the written language form. We offer an environment where this interest can be developed in a natural and enriching way. Children document their daily experiences and news in written journals, as well as create dictionaries, which record high frequency words that will support their writing.

Technology is clearly visible throughout the environment. The use of computers, smart boards, scanners as sources of communication and research, as well as for emails or letters, and voice recorders which support phonics awareness, audio books, and our library are some of the tools children will encounter on a daily basis in our kindergarten class.

The world of numbers and science is present in the learning process; a carpenters corner filled with measuring tools that supports mathematical concepts such as identifying numbers, recognizing and printing numerals, calculating dimensions and more. Calendar, digital and analog clocks, calculators, counting tools such as beads, rocks, straws are some of the tools that support addition, subtraction, counting by 2’s, 5’s 10’s to 100. A garden where growth of a variety of fruits, herbs and vegetables is analyzed and cared for throughout the year with a deeper understanding of nutrition, life cycles and more scientific concepts.

These are just some of the many experiences children will live to reach the kindergarten objectives.  

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