Baby Nido:

3 to 15 months

At the age of 3 to 15 months, children are offered a comfortable, safe and a home feeling environment. Soft cushions, colorful fabrics, textured surfaces, cozy peek-a-boo corners, soothing music, and dim lights are among others part of their environment and discoveries.


15 to 24 months

For most children ages 15 to 24 months, this is their first encounter with school. During this transition from home to a new environment, we believe in the importance of creating a strong bond between child and teacher, and creating a partnership between teachers and parents to support this process. At this life stage, children begin to create their own identity. We support this by offering them experiences and provocations to interact and explore a diversity of materials with different properties such as paper, clay, rice, sand, water, and paint among others.

Class of the 2's:

24 to 36 months

From the age of 2 to 3-years old, socialization is a key aspect of a child's development. They often transition from playing alone to playing actively in groups. Sharing, taking turns, respecting, and listening to others are actions that become more meaningful. Classrooms become environments filled with discovery using a variety of tools such as droppers and funnels in the water table, brushes, masking tape and scissors in the mini atelier (art studio), x-rays and picture films in the light table among others.

Class of the 3's:

36 to 48 months

From ages 3 to 4, children are constantly questioning. They create with the intention to obtain a final product.
They are given opportunities to trace over light tables, over images projected on classroom walls, with wire, clay, and string, among many other materials. The written language becomes interesting and children experience mailboxes to exchange letters, drawings and gifts.

Class of the 4's:

From 4 to 5, children approach the world with curiosity and become complex thinkers. They use envelopes, stickers, index cards, stencils, letters, stamps and different color writing tools to express themselves.

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