A Wonder of Nature:

We believe that playing and interacting with nature on a daily basis allows children to appreciate nature's beauty and gifts. Our playground is inspired by the natural world around us and includes endless opportunities for sensory exploration. We have created a place where the children freely indulge their imagination and curiosity.

Our natural oasis is filled with tree stumps, tree trunks, boulders, sand pits and water. Our gardens include tall grasses, vegetables, and music. We have slides built directly into a hill, a path to ride bicycles, an art wall, a reading area and a picnic patch.

Being aware of these gifts allows children to develop a lifetime of stewardship toward nature. We encourage a sustainable way of life through recycling, reusing and composting. Engaging and exposing the children to nature's treasures, we create a lifetime of wonder and respect for the natural world.

Our goal is for our children to investigate how thinking and imagination can move the world. We believe that developing lifelong respect, positive and proactive attitudes towards protecting our environment, caring for all living creatures and creating a sustainable environment starts by developing a sense of wonder and love for our natural world. Children have an intrinsic joy when exploring the world and we work very hard to keep that joy alive.