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Welcome to KLA School (Kids Learning Adventure) in Bellevue, Washington. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach where children, parents and educators have the opportunity to get involved in all of the innovative learning experiences that we provide. Surrounded by nature, we are perfectly located just five minutes from the Microsoft Campus, two blocks from highway 520 and one block from Bel-Red.

Our School is a year-round, full day program preschool that serves families and their children between the ages of 3 months to 6 years of age, from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm.

KLA School Bellevue is a place where parents leave confidently knowing that their child is at a school where they are secure, supervised, and loved. Upon entering our facility you are welcomed into a colorful and enriching environment. Walking into the school you will first find our Piazza, which is the heart of the school and the connection to our age appropriate classrooms which are uniquely set up to stimulate and enhance the education of our students.  

Our qualified Educators are the co-learners of each child, and every day they will observe, document and research their activities, achievements, challenges and emotions. Using the rich environment and materials, teachers will set up provocations that will spark the children’s interest and help them to achieve the appropriate milestones for their age.

Young children express themselves in several ways. Words, movement, construction, shadow play, dramatic play, music, art are just a few to name. Art is a very important area in KLA Schools, that’s why in the Atelier children will have all the tools they’ll need to express their individual feelings, thoughts, challenges, and qualities through artistic materials. In the Atelier children will be free to explore all sorts of resources including but not limited to natural and recyclable materials to enhance their creativity.

Throughout their time at KLA, children will learn several lifelong skills such as understanding the importance of showing respect towards one another, their environment, materials, school, and sharing. Children will also be introduced to the various cultures that make up our school community through our world map showing the parts of the world that each child and teacher represent.

 “The children are made of One Hundred”, The child has a hundred languages, hands, thoughts, ways of thinking, playing, speaking, listening, worlds to discover, dreams and invents” ….just to mention some.”

--Loris Malaguzzi


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